In My Kitchen this Week

 Shepherds Pie
Such a comforting dinner when everyone is tired and hungry after a days work.  I personally like baked beans on the side with mine but OH eats it on its own.  It does have some veg in it and a sprinkle of cheese on top.

I have condensed my cookbooks and these on the shelf in the photo, are the ones I like to browse through. I have 4 Jamie Oliver's, a dairy one that is years old now, a couple of Hugh's, a slimming world family recipes, Hummingbird bakery and A Girl called Jack.  I have asked for her new book as a Christmas pressie.  I keep any recipes I cut out of magazines in a pink folder.

We don't often have puddings but we do like to have a cup of tea afterwards with something, usually of the chocolate or biscuit variety.  I made a lovely chocolate cake this week as I had a friend coming round for coffee and a catch up.  I forgot to take a photo of it as it didn't last long enough!

Another batch of naan breads made ready to freeze.  There is only 11 in this pic as OH pinched one when I wasn't looking!  

As mornings have been a bit frosty this week, our dinners have been warming.  My chicken broth lasted us 2 days, made from a carcass I had frozen and I used every bit of veg I could find languishing in the fridge.  Sausage and mash served with Yorkshires and plenty of veg,  jacket potatoes and chilli were all filling warm you up meals. 
 Today I made a Nigella recipe,  rapid ragu.  If you have never tried it, do because it is a tasty and quick recipe which can be ready in 30mins.
This is the pic from her recipe.  It's made with minced lamb, pancetta, caramelized  onions, green lentils and masala.  It smells lovely whilst cooking and I serve it with some Moroccan couscous.

Not much leftover!

Terri X


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