October Trip

Taking advantage of the sunny weather this past week, we decided to take a trip down to Aviemore to go up the Cairngorm mountain.
You can do organised walks up there but we took the easy option and went up by the funicular train. 

The route up to the car park is lovely as you climb upwards and as it was such a lovely day there were lots of people about.

This was the view from the front of the train and if you look closely you can just see the building at the top over 1097 metres up.  There is a restaurant and shop up there.

The view from the top.
The chappie in the red coat is OH taking his own photos.  He can stand a lot nearer the edge than me as I get vertigo.

Going downhill we spotted the gleam of water through the trees so we parked at the side of the road to go and look.

The heather was still flowering beside the path

Beautiful autumnal colours

This little chap was swimming happily along

And out of the shallows there was this stunning view

Terri X


  1. What a great day out! Fabulous weather! xx

  2. You live in a lovely part of Scotland

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  4. Lovely to discover your blog. I was just thinking the other day that I need a 'scottish blog' to read. Fantastic photographs. It has been too many years since I was last in Aviemore. I need to rectify it. X


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