Loch at the bottom of the road

This is a lovely view of part of the village, these photo's were taken (not by me) overlooking little Loch Shin.  It is the main thing holidaymakers see when they arrive and often camper vans are parked up looking towards the water.
Also on this loch is this...

This is the Broons house on its little island.  It is a new house as the old one was destroyed in the bad storms earlier in the year. In case you don't know , "the Broons" and "Oor Wullie" are a cartoon strip that appears in the Scottish Post newspaper and it is much loved.

This is another view of the Loch showing the dam that was built as part of a hydro electric scheme.  

A sailing club and a fishing club make use of the 17 mile stretch of water. There is salmon swimming in these waters.

I am lucky now to be able to walk down the road, strolling past the fire station, a camp site and cafe is opposite, the police station (which always seems to be empty),  past the community centre and popping into the library there, walking down a slight hill, crossing the road where the doctors surgery and local junior school is.  Apparently this year they have about 40 pupils which is more than the previous year.  Then i walk past the Post Office, I am frequently in there and have a little chat with Bobby who runs it.  There is a tweed shop and pub/hotel opposite, chemist and local hairdressers and the Loch is at the bottom of the road.  

Terri X


  1. It sounds and looks blissful. I would love to live somewhere like you. What a beautiful part of the world. X

  2. Your village looks great. Glad you are settling in to your new home

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