Naughty but Nice!

I'm talking about this treat at one of our favourite cafe's!

We sat outside as it was sunny enjoying the view looking towards the Black Isle.
"The Storehouse" is situated on the A9, the main road through the Highlands so it is always busy, it has a little gift shop in a shed, a lovely farm shop and in the restaurant the food is really good. We had a beef and crispy onion sandwich and then shared a piece of their delicious cheesecake.

Cappuccino flavour, yum....but it was very rich so half each was enough.

I took this photo of OH walking towards this anchor placed on the grass.  I was looking directly into the sun but I like how it came out.

I felt really stuffed afterwards so we headed onto the Black Isle to go to Cromarty, the perfect place to walk off lunch. I have blogged about it before but its one of my favourite places full of pretty painted cottages with lovely little gardens and I like to stroll around the streets and pop into one or two
 little shops.  This trip i came home with these...
I just love these colourful chickens and I like to start my day with a bit of colour so I am using them for my breakfast!

Then I brought another soap dish to go with the purple one I'd previously brought.  It's sad how much pleasure these little dishes give me!

Terri X


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