Winter Preparations

We've had a couple of frosty mornings and the local weather forcast is saying that this years winter will be colder and more seasonal weather.  It's true that the last couple of years we have had long damp winters so I guess we are due a cold, snowy one.
Now that we live on the outskirts of the village I am not so worried about stocking up food as we would be able to walk to the local shops if necessary.  I will miss my little stove that we had in the cottage as during the power cuts i got pretty good at cooking one pot meals on the top of it. 
 We now have a lovely multi fuel stove with a back boiler and radiators and it gives us lots of hot water too. We ordered a metric tonne bag of dried seasoned wood, sourced from a local forest.  This is to supplement the wood we have collected ourselves.  Then we had a delivery of another 3 bags of coal and got the coal man to tip it into the bunker with the couple of bags we had already.  I am not sure if this will be enough but we can see how we go.  Their service was brilliant as i ordered it Monday afternoon and it came Tuesday.
I have a little camping stove and candles put by in case of power cuts so...
All that's left to do is finish yet another crochet blanket!  I have been joining in with my first CAL on Facebook and it's a pattern by Sandra over at Cherryheart blog.  I am enjoying learning a few new stitches and it's big enough to keep me warm on my knees while I'm working on it!  
So all I can say is bring it on Winter...I'm ready for you!

Terri X


  1. Your stove looks cosy. Love your blanket, there looks to be some unusual stitches in it

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  3. Your blanket is great. I love the colours. What a wonderful way to learn and practice some new stitches. X

  4. Your blanket looks great!! I hope that your winter preparations will not be needed! xx

  5. Lovely blanket Terri! What wool are you using? x

    1. Thank you for the nice comments about my blanket and it is made with dk wool, mostly from my stash :-)


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