We had strong winds last night and were awake for hours as it rattled round the house. I finally dropped off again about 4am and didn't wake till 8am. I didn't have to work today so thought it would be nice to have a leisurely day. It started off well.  Occasionally my boys do the National Lottery scratchcards so I gathered their winning ones together and cashed them in and we had 16 pounds so we all went to the local cafe for a late breakfast this morning.

  When we got back we decided to prune the two Apple trees in the garden.  These are quite old trees and we had blossoms early in the year but they got hit badly in the frosts so we never got any apples.
A local lady whose aunt and uncle originally planted them said they used to bear lovely cooking apples and she was thrilled to see us pruning them today.  It was quite hard work, OH rested the ladder against the trees and i tried to guide him to the branches i wanted lopping off.  My job was picking up all the bits.  The local tip wasnt open today but I loaded the car up to the brim with the branches ready to get rid of tomorrow on the way to our dental appointments. (We have ours done together as we have to travel 50 miles to the dentist).

After a quick Hoover round and sorting washing a friends son popped in to explain how the programmer works on our new heating systems.  He seems to have got it working just right in his house so he gave me a few tips to try.
Then two council workers turned up to look at the gutter leaks we had reported months ago.  We have old cast iron guttering and it's like a waterfall front and back when it rains.  The rear wall is getting quite damaged.  They managed to silicone the front but couldn't do the back because our wood delivery was in the way of the ladder and it made the angle too steep to climb up safely.  It is quite high as we live in a house like a three storey.  Considering it was months ago we reported it and we never knew they were coming its frustrating as we only got the delivery of wood last week.  We will just have to use up the wood first then try to get them back again after.  Still one waterfall now is better than having two i suppose.

I thought I would just sit down and catch up on Eastenders but a friend contacted me and we ended up chatting for a while.  I felt myself starting to flag a bit, just needed a cup of tea and to sit quietly for a while.  I seem to get tired in the afternoons lately, I think it's just part of the menopause but time was getting on and I needed to start preparing the dinner.
My cup of tea got forgotten as some of the family called round and then just as we settled down to eat dinner and watch a movie the doorbell went.  We seem to be getting a spate of charity workers knocking all wanting us to sign up to contribute by direct debit.  I currently do one for the blind and have decided to keep that up for 12 months and then do a different charity but I cannot afford to do more than one good cause at a time. I always feel a bit awful having to explain though.

I feel tired this evening, its now 9pm and the day has gone so fast and the forecasted 75 mph winds are back.  It's blowing loudly down the chimney so it will probably be another difficult night to sleep.  I found this and thought its just how i feel right now..

Good night
Terri X


  1. Don't feel bad about the charity thing, I think that it is better to choose one thing and support it - if you are able to - than to scatter tiny bits here and there. I would - and do - just say, sorry, I am already supporting my chosen charities. That is all! Hope that you get the gutter fixed, don't let them keep putting you off! xx


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