A Lovely Surprise!

The postman came today with a surprise parcel for me.  So exciting to receive something you don't expect and look what was inside

So many things!  A lovely scented candle, notebook and pencil, a patchwork handbag to make, a cross stitch kit, two lovely books to read, New Zealand breakfast tea and biscuits and chocolate bars, a lovely calendar, a little Christmas ornament, more sweets, some scenic serviettes and two lovely sachets of pasta!  

Inside was also a lovely note from a new friend in blog land and all the way from New Zealand.  I am very touched and overwhelmed that someone would like my blog and would do this for me.
Thank you Margaret and your gift will fill many hours for me whilst I am snuggled in front of the stove.

Terri X


  1. You are very lucky, so many lovely things from Margaret in NZ, enjoy...Woo xxxxxx

  2. Terri, I am pleased the mail managed to trudge up the hill with your package! It was such fun putting this together and I do hope I haven't ruined your healthy eating ha ha! Today I am sending you 26 degree sun and warmth!

  3. What a lovely blog friend you have there!


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