This was the sky at 8am

We were travelling down to Inverness and the roads were a bit icy after a very cold night.

By 8.30am we were passing the Dornock Firth and it was starting to get light.

By 9am we were passing the Moray Firth.  

and by 9.20am we were nearing Inverness and the sun was rising - no red, just a crisp, cold day.
BUT ....
I decided to continue with the red theme so...

I coloured my hair.
I looked around my home for a couple of red things to show you

This storage pouffe was originally leather look fabric but i recovered it with red spot oilcloth.

Teddy is holding a little red heart I knitted for him and he's sitting next to a tealight holder
that was given to me and I painted and framed a postcard sent by my son when he was a little boy.

 I like Red

Terri X


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