I am still feeling a bit yuk with this virus and it has really sapped my energy.  I find myself just sitting around, not even tried to do any crochet or anything else.  I hope this goes away soon as I'm fed up with it now and i want to get back to normal instead of everything feeling like its too much effort.  One advantage was getting on the scales to find another 3 lbs gone this week though.

My poorly little girl had to be put to sleep yesterday.  She had a large tumour and the vet said it would be the kindest thing to do at this point.  I didn't want her to suffer any pain but its always upsetting to lose a pet isn't  it. 

I made a bit more effort with dinner for today.  I had some leftover turkey meat in the freezer and defrosted it along with chopping up a few new potatoes and carrots that were lingering in the veg basket along with a couple of onions and some chickpeas and tinned sweet corn.  I added all this to a jar of rogan josh sauce and cooked it through in the microwave.  OH enjoyed it with some rice  and had two portions but my taste buds are still affected and all I can say is it was filling.  Yesterday I did make Jamie Oliver's stove top rice pudding as that's what we both fancied, real comfort food with a blob of strawberry jam.  I finished it off cold for breakfast this morning. If you have never made it here's the recipe.

12oz pudding rice
2 tbsp caster sugar
Few drops vanilla essence
1.2 litres milk (I use long life as its creamier)

Use a large lidded pan and bring it all to a simmer on the stove.  Stir occasionally and it takes approx 25 mins to cook.  Nice and easy.

Terri X


  1. Hope you do feel better soon. Sorry to hear about your little kitty. It must be very hard to lose a loved pet.

  2. So sorry to read the sad news about your lovely cat. I've been there several times too and it's not easy, but you can only do what is best for your pet no matter how much it hurts X

  3. So sorry to hear about your lovely girl. You did the best thing for her, even though it hurts so much. Thinking of you.


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