I've got the lurgy!

This past week I have been trying to fight off the effects of a horrible virus which has put me through bad throat, coughing, bladder infection, aches and pains, awful headaches, sickness, hot and cold sweats and now I am full of cold so I am feeling a bit fed up.  OH has now gone down with it too and is staying in bed whilst I have tried to potter about - typical man.
Still enough moaning ...

The tulips were a treat I brought for myself at the start of the week and they certainly brighten up my kitchen.
I did try to make Artisan bread, a no knead recipe that I took from Attic24 blog but I was disappointed because I tried a brown loaf first and look..

It came out so flat but I will still use it up with some soup.  Then I followed the recipe exactly using strong white flour but look...

It turned out just as flat!  
I did make another good homity pie for OH but overdid the garlic a bit and he stunk for days!  I wouldn't have thought he would get the lurgy after that!

I also did my weigh in on Wednesday but I only lost a pound, still it's a loss.
It was also my Birthday this week and although I didn't feel well my friend drove me to Inverness for a couple of hours and I spent a £50 M&S voucher my mum sent me, putting it towards a lovely bright red per una coat.  I also treated myself to these...

I got them in the sale for £9.99 so I was really pleased, love a bit of glitz.
That's about it for this past weeks roundup except one of my girls is poorly too

So we are just all going to snuggle up until it all passes.
Terri X


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Happy belated Birthday! Love your sparkly shoes X

  2. Gorgeous pumps, just the thing to make you feel better.....xxxxxx


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