Well I am very pleased with myself today as I have now lost the half stone that I put on at Christmas.  In fact I lost 4lbs in total this week and that was a surprise for me because....confession time now.... I cheated on Saturday when we were out!  We stopped at a nice service station on the way back home from our trip to Inverness and I was tired after traipsing around and my back felt like it was about to give out so I needed to sit down and eat something.  To save me cooking later we both had a main course only.  I had chicken curry and chips and have to say it was delicious!  OH had haddock and chips which he thoroughly enjoyed too.  We finished off with a nice mug of tea each and I felt much better for it.  I think it keeps your metabolism going to shake it up sometimes.
I plan to do a Lidl shop tomorrow as I need to stock up some fruit and veg.  I made some veg pasta sauce in the week and mixed the last of it into my cheesy rice dish, adding a couple of chopped quorn sausages and that has been my dinner for the last two days.  I saw on the news that quorn sales have risen by 20% since the horsemeat scandal.  I only buy the sausages and the mince to make a chilli as its only me that will eat it because OH finds it tasteless.
I made a nice pastry less quiche in the week using a packet of dried pasta with broccoli and cheese, four beaten eggs and a tub of low fat cottage cheese.  Even ate some of this for breakfast to make a change from boiled eggs.
This next week I must try and have a couple more meat meals to mix things up and hopefully give me a loss next weigh-in although I expect to settle down to a 1- 2 lb loss and that will be fine because its better to lose it gradually as more likely to keep it off.

Terri X


  1. Congratulations. As you say it is better to come off slowly and that way it seems to stay off.


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