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I used to be addicted to buying magazines before I adopted the frugal life.  I brought every home design mag on the market every month for inspiration as I used to sell new homes and would often have input with interior designers for the show homes and have to advise purchasers when they had to make choices for their new homes.  When I moved here I had basketfuls of magazines so I have finally gone through them all and taken out all the pages that inspire me and condensed them into folders.  Nowadays getting a new magazine is a real treat and as its my Birthday this week I have treated myself to one and a few new books.

This caught my eye as it came with all this wool

The needles and crochet hook were included too and I can't wait to have a go at a couple of projects inside

Look at this lovely bird, definitely going to try and make this 
I like this owl and might make him for a pressie too.
On someone's blog I've read lately, can't remember whose, they mentioned that they had found this book at The Works for £5.99. 
It has been on my wish list on Amazon for ages but was £12.99 so I was thrilled when I managed to find it for such a good price.  It's such a beautiful book
What a clever idea for using wallpaper on stairs
Love this bedrooms patchwork wall
Pink is a favourite colour of mine, mixed with florals I just love it!
Then I found a lovely book at the charity shop for the grand sum of 50p

I think I have read all of her books so I am looking forward to reading about her life.

I also treated myself to this book as I want to teach myself how to do hexagons and this book has lots of instructions and some easy projects to try.  I have the materials I was given for Christmas to use.
So I now have a pile of things to read and look at and I am going now to read my friends magazine that she kindly lent me today.

Happy Reading!
Terri X


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