The start of a new year

I looked forward to a new year starting, 2014 sounds much better than 2013.  I'm probably a bit odd but I much prefer the even numbers, it makes me feel more optimistic.  I look forward to writing down lists of things I want to do throughout the year, starting afresh with goals to aim for.    
I always make the same New Year resolution and like lots of others I aim to lose weight.  I've been saying this for the last 20 years so I ought to be skinny by now!  Anyway I ate whatever I wanted over the festive period (lots of chocolate!) and put on half a stone which might sound a lot to some but actually was really good for me because I only have to sniff a bit of cake and can put on a pound!  

I started on the 2nd and will be joining in with Frugal in Bucks blog and weigh-in-Wednesdays.  I have been getting some inspiration from the recipes in this months SW magazine and plan to do their macaroni cheese recipe this week but having done this diet a few times I know I can eat plenty without having to spend out on any extra foodstuff just for me.
I always suffer physically when I start to diet, usually I get a lot of backache but at the moment it's my knees that are really sore and tender making going up stairs difficult and walking hurt.  Hopefully it will ease as my body adjusts, see I told you I was a bit odd!

Today is another damp day but as its suppose to be the best day of the weekend being a respite from the wind and rain, we popped out to drive to the charity shop I have previously blogged about. I had a box and two bagfuls of stuff to donate as I am still trying to de-clutter.  I do find it hard not to buy anything from a charity shop but I only picked up this book today

It is full of lovely pictures that I hope will inspire me as I really am not very confident with sewing although I have made a few things like cushions and the quilted hanging over my bed but I just tend to throw it together instead of doing it properly.  I was just the same when I went to a patchwork class, doing things by eye instead of measuring and wanting to do my own thing like pink chickens!  The teacher,who became a friend, called me a rebel but was always amazed how well the things I made turned out. One of my aims this year is to learn how to make a patchwork quilt, i do so admire the ones that i see on other clever ladies blogs and I think my special word for this year has to be PATIENCE!
We also stopped off at the storehouse and had brunch, two perfectly poached eggs on toast with tomatoes and mushrooms for me and a beef and fried onion sandwich plus scone and butter for OH.  It was a nice treat and tonight I plan to do jacket potatoes with baked beans and cheese.  Simple and filling but a good diet day.

Terri X


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  2. Great Blog it's been Terri, has inspired me to get my rag rug project out of the cupboard, been in there about 18 months. Woo xxxxxx


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