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I went shopping on my own today and that enabled me to browse and look out for bargains.  OH is usually with me and rushes me along, I think that's a man thing, in, pick up whats required and out.
So i actually managed to pick up some great meat bargains!

In Tesco's i think they must have over ordered their meat for Easter as they had lots of legs of lamb half price.  I can never understand why lamb is so expensive up here as we are surrounded by sheep!  I rarely buy lamb but we did have a small joint over Easter which did three dinners for us total.  I finished up the last of the lamb broth today when i got home.  Anyway i picked up another lamb leg for just under £6 and two chickens reduced to £2.49 and a large loin of pork at half price for £7.  I cut this in half before putting in the freezer as it will do two nice joints.  

I was lucky in Lidl's also as I got two packs of minced steak at £1.09 each and they had turkey steaks on offer so i picked up a couple of those.  I only have a small chest freezer but managed just about to fit it all in after a bit of a juggle about and taking out a loaf of bread and two packs of sausages.  So i am stocked up for a couple of weeks now :-)

My bargains didn't just amount to food.  Our Post Office is moving into our local shop this month.  I don't know how they are going to fit it in but thats another story. It's happening to all the village Post Offices but at least we are keeping one as it really is needed here.  Anyway they are selling off bits from the shop so i got these embroidery threads for 16p each.

And at  Home Bargains i saw this pack of 4 balls of wool, just the colour i had run out of, for £1.50.

Its already open as i've started knitting a few more cottages for the next craft stall booked already in July.

Very pleased with all my bargains today, maybe I should shop on my own more often although OH is useful for carrying the bags!

Terri X


  1. You certainly managed to get some bargains, the meat bargains always save a fortune.


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