Computer Problems

I was so excited to be able to buy myself a laptop, i have never had my own one although OH has one I was able to use.  His computer is pretty old now and makes a bit of a noise when on but its had a new screen so is working ok.  I thought it would be good to have a new one as a back up in case it breaks down. 

I researched a few computers online but decided that I didn't want to spend a fortune and found a reasonable priced one which would do all i want and i could choose to have it in purple.  I was swayed by the colour!

I purchased it and got a deal on the security from Mcafee ( a year for £20 instead of £80)  so i was all excited and couldn't wait to get started.

  OH tried to set up the security but it said it was invalid so we went to their website as it instructed and rang a freephone number for help.  The engineer was very helpful and he went into my computer remotely and said he could put Mcafee on but he just needed to take off a couple of security things which were built in to the computer as it was conflicting.  Oh and it would cost £100!!
OH thanked him but insisted that he exit my computer as we were not prepared to pay extra.  

I decided to ring the company i brought it from who put us on to another engineer who told us that we needed to take Windows 10 off the computer and reload it as it had been remotely accessed by someone else.  This should take about 40 mins and he talked OH through what to do.  16 hours later my computer was still trying to reload Windows 10!

We travelled the 150 miles round trip again the next day back to the store.  Although the computer was only 24 hours old they would only do a repair so we had to leave it in the shop for 3 hours while they tried to sort it out.  When we went back it was nearly finished but the manager of the shop insisted the chap who was working on my computer serve another customer and she would finish it.  She promptly messed it all up!!  I was losing it by then too!!  We finally got home at teatime and i expected everything to be alright, silly me.

I can't get on most websites without the page being covered by adverts that make it unworkable.  Although the security is on and working its a nightmare.  I think it needs an expert to sort it out properly.  I wish i hadn't bothered buying it and the problems have taken away all the enjoyment i felt about getting my own computer :-(

Terri X


  1. How disheartening, there is nothing worse than buying shoddy goods and then having poor customer service. Hope it all works out in the end.

  2. Oh Terri this is awful, I would have had steam coming out of my ears!!!!
    Just think of those sunny days a head when you can get out in the garden and start planting :)
    I was up at 5.30 this morning putting washing on the line listening to the birds, the sun is shining but I am missing my girl. I know you know that feeling. Wishing you a lovely day x


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