Crafty Get Togethers

Monday mornings I usually go to a 
craft group in another village but this week three of us decided to get together in one members home as the weather was so windy it wasn't good for travelling.  In fact i nearly took off as i went down my steps, it was wild!

I took a cardigan as i wanted help to shorten the length and it had a ribbing around the bottom and we worked out a way to do it. To be honest its turned out a bit shorter than i wanted but is wearable now.   I was also given a basket full of odd bits of material and this lovely book.

We also had a good chat, putting the world to rights and the time flew by.  Luckily OH rang me to see if i needed picking up as a young friend was due round to do a bit of crafting with me at 2.30 and i was only just in when she arrived.  We started a new project so that she can learn to sew, making a hot pad to put a saucepan on or it could be used as a mat.

This is as far as I got with mine.  A bit more sewing by hand or machine to do and adding some bias binding with a little loop to hang.  

Monday evening i went to meditation class which is now incorporating some yoga.  I do have back and knees problem so some moves hurt a bit but i did benefit from doing the stretches and felt a bit looser afterwards.

Yesterday morning I headed off to work early. The wind had died out and the sunshine was coming through but it still felt a bit nippy.
I finished in time to go to a different craft club about 10 miles away and was glad I went as I met up with a friend there that I hadn't seen for about a year and she had her spinning wheel with her.  I watched as she used fleece direct from the sheep so still full of lanolin.  She combed bits first and i watched as she spun it into 2 ply yarn.  She said she spins two of these yarns together to make a good knitting wool and has sometimes left it natural but we chatted about how to dye this wool once its washed with lots of natural products.  Spinning it before washing the wool was a good idea because the lanolin was a good hand softener.  I am quite excited as she has offered to give me a few lessons using her wheel, how great to be able to do my own wool!  I am going to look out at the auctions for a small spinning wheel of my own if i get on ok.

This could be me!  Well ok, i'm not quite this old!

Terri X


  1. Love the hot pad you are working on it looks quite an intricate pattern, love all the different fabrics you have chosen.


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