Just Wanting to Stay Home

I feel like I lost the last two weekends as we've been out and about, not that i didn't enjoy them but sometimes I just want to stay in and potter around at home.

Do you remember i was doing up my old armchair?  Well this is what it looks like now,  sewn by hand and made with a pair of curtains from the charity shop, a bit of wool blanket and one of my crocheted cushions.

I've had a change round in the lounge.  The table has moved in front of the window and the tv unit is angled so that it faces the sofa on the other side of the room.  That was Miss Marple i was watching on the tele!

I had to take my dresser top off so now its like having a sideboard.  I also printed a few different photos and put them into some old frames.

A friend gave me these colourful lights last week so i hung them over the cupboard door.  Above is a Tain pottery plate and i've mentioned in a post before how much i like this local pottery.

We've had the lambing snows the last few days so the stove has been on all the time, ticking over nicely.  I clean this most days but when you have to put wood and coal in all day it never remains clean.  At the moment the wind is really strong and I have had to turn the air vents nearly off as it fans the flames down the chimney and burns too fast if i don't.

I couldn't not take another photo of my pink shelves. I do so love the colour of them and they are now above the sofa.

The room is a lot more spacious this way round and this is my view from the armchair

(Still Miss Marple on the tv!)

This is the dining chair i picked up for £5 from the last craft fair.  I still have to paint it and am waiting for a nice day so i can take it outside to do.  Its going to be pink of course!  

I am now off upstairs to tidy up the craft room and might take a few more photos when its done.

Terri X


  1. You have certainly impressed me with the chair, love the fabrics particularly the blanket seat it looks amazing. You are certainly making yourself a beautiful home. Take care.

  2. I love what you've done with the chair and your cushion is fab. I've just started crocheting some squares (first time) for what I hope will be a blanket. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do to the dining chair. You have a lovely colourful home. X


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