Wales here we come!

We set off at the end of last week to visit a few friends in Wales.  Its such a long journey from the Highlands that we decided to stay overnight at a Travelodge in Penrith and because we arrived in good time we went to have a look at the castle ruins.

The weather turned really warm, the car said it was 22 degrees, phew!

Heres the history bit if you want to expand the photo.

OH walked into the frame as i took this photo.

Look at that blue sky!

Me taking a photo of OH taking a photo!

It was too hot to eat a big meal so this was our dinner and it was pretty scrumptious!
After a good nights sleep in a nice comfy kingsize bed, just as Travelodge advertize, we set off on the rest of our journey towards our first friend who lives in a village just 10 minutes from Cardiff.

What a fabulous city Cardiff is!  The millenium stadium is right in the centre

So is this castle.  On our next visit i am going to do an open top bus tour round but no time this trip.  The shopping is absolutely fab with every shop you could think of here and we had a lovely time going around.

OH brought me a new ring from the Clogau shop ( welsh gold).  The Royal Family buy their jewellery so i am in good company!

Terri X


  1. What a beautiful ring, such a lovely gift. Looks like a great trip.


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