Craft Room Tidy Up

Well its taken hours of sorting and having to be ruthless when deciding what just has to go but my craft room is definately looking a lot tidier now.

I have sorted my containers and my favourites on this shelf are the sheep tin which hold all my embroidery threads, my Cath Kidson tin next to it and containing my favourite new buttons, the lilac tin which holds my most used ink pads and stamps and the latest addition of the pink tin mug holding felt tip pens.  It says "this is my happy place"  and thats how i feel about my craft room :-)

The addition of these drawers given to me by my Sis-in-Law has made it easier to clean up.  I have labeled a few drawers and the bottom four hold toys and bits for the Grandchildren, the next three are full of my knitted crafts.  There is one draw full of presents I am putting aside and the top one has photo's.  The larger wicker baskets hold my wadding and stuffing and the little basket is full of costume jewellry that now belongs to my Grand-daughter.

The shelves by the table are full but organised and mostly labelled.  Lots of different containers as i do lots of different crafts

I notice the top shelf is bowing a little.  The red bag holds all my knitting needles, a rag wreath and craft mags next to it and then a pile of games.  We have three boxes of different trivial pursuits that we play when we have visitors.

This little storage unit on my table was recently given to me and is very useful.

This wall shelf holds odd books, the Grandchildrens books and dvds and is adorned with little bits like two of my Easter crocheted chicks, a paper christmas tree, Noddy and Big Ears and a wee knitted teddy next to a couple of dice and a knitted bird, the last two were made by a friend of mine.  Chaotic shelves but i love all the bits of colour.

I hope you've liked a peek at my "happy place"

Terri X


  1. Is always nice to have a peek about a craft room, it is inspirational. It is such a bright and colourful room I can see why it is your happy place.


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